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Ash Visits the Zoo

We have asked everyone we have come in contact with what we just have to do while in Omaha and they all told us we have to go to zoo. So today there was perfect weather and we took Ash and the kids (and the grandmas too) to the zoo. It really is a great zoo. If you ever end up in Omaha I would highly recommend it. (They seem to really like monkeys in Nebraska) Ash enjoyed riding around in her stroller and at one point she started waving to some kind of little rat thing with a funny looking tail. Was not my favorite animal, but I guess she likes rats. It was nice for her to be outside of the hospital walls. Ashley is so enjoying Blake and Allie being here to play with her. She has laughed and giggled for days at those two. They are willing to do almost anything to make her smile. It has been a wonderful visit. She will be sad to see everyong go home tomorrow.

On Tuesday Ash has an appointment with a metabollic specialist over at Childrens. Depending on what he thinks she may have a liver biopsy next week. If he finds nothing then Trish and Ash may come home soon. If he does find a problem they are considering taking her off of the transplant list. Please pray with us for God's will in her little life. On a lighter note she is proudly saying "My mama" over and over again for all who will listen. This sure makes our hearts happy.


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