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My BIG kid

I'm going to take a moment this morning to talk about my BIG kid.  He is just that...big!

He has outgrown every member of our family...including the extended members.  He has a big frame, a big smile, and a big heart! Its not so much his size that I want to focus on...its his heart.

The biggest part of this kid is his heart.  I love that about him!  He LOVES his baby sister and she takes up the biggest part of his heart. He is kind and loving.  He is fiercely protective of her and his heart is breaking as we watch the changes taking place in her life.

 A close second to his love for Ashley Kate is his love for the game.

This week Blake received a phone call.

 It was the coach from his very top choice D1 school!  Blake loves this school.  He loves the campus, the housing, the baseball facilities, the everything.

 Blake has a dream of playing college baseball.  It started the very moment he stepped up to the tee at 4 years old.  The very first time he put on a glove at 4 years old.  The very first time he went to practice.  I vividly remember a day at practice years and years ago.  The heat was unbearable and the team had not put forth their best efforts that day.  The coaches were making them run laps around the outfield fences for each error that had been committed.  As the players ran by you could hear complaining, crying, whining, etc.  On the way home I told Blake how proud I was of him that he wasn't crying or complaining as he led the pack around the field.  His response to me that day was this..."Mom, thats why I'm going to make it.  I'm working harder because I'm going to be the one that makes it someday."  He was all of 9 years old that season.  I've never forgotten that day, and hes never taken his eye off his goal.

We don't know what will come of this phone call.  They want to set up a meeting with us to "talk" when we get back from his next tournament.  I am praying that God will place Blake at the right school, with the right coaches, and surround him by the right players, so that he will be squarely planted in the center of God's will.  I am hopeful they are going to make him an offer that allows us to afford him the opportunity to attend this school.  There are so may unknowns going into this meeting.  We pray that God gives us wisdom and direction.  Hopefully the details will all come together for my son and his future.  If this is the school for Blake then it will allow him to be close enough to get home to see Ashley Kate as opposed to him being sent across the country where getting back and forth in time may become an issue.  This is just one of the many  reasons we are interested in this school and this opportunity for him.

Your prayers for Blake and for this opportunity are so appreciated.  I know many of our family and friends have followed his "career" for as long as we've had this blog and I wanted to reach out to you and ask you to keep him in your prayers.  The next 2-3 weeks before the quiet period begins again are crucial to his future.

We are just so blessed and excited that the call came.  So blessed!


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