Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Ash & Mom Are Home!!!!!

Last night we picked Ashley and Trish up from the airport. When we arrived home we were surprised that Nan had arranged a suprise welcome home party for Trish and Ash. We had a great time and Ash enjoyed seeing her Nan, Grandma, Graypa and Granny. Her face lit up with excitement when she saw her Blake and her Allie. We are so thankful to have them home.

She was sent home with the original G-tube in place becuase the new GJ-tube they had inserted was ripped out by our little Ash. We are hopeful things go well with this feeding tube however we are prepared to return to Omaha for another surgery to insert a second GJ-tube if necessary. Please pray with us that this additional trip and surgery will not be necessary.

Last night was wonderful knowing that all 3 of our children were tucked safely in their beds all together at home.


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