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Sneezes, Snoozes, and Such

Our sweet Ashley is struggling with a head cold too(Blake is feeling much better). I haven't mentioned it in the journal before now, but she's had it for over 3 weeks. Its just a fact that transplant kids don't "get over things" as quickly as non transplant children. I was hoping for this not to be true this time, but alas it holds true. She still has the sneezes, lots of thick snot(sorry for being so graphic) and it causes her to "snooze" very loudly once she finds sleep. She had seemed to be holding steady over the last few weeks, but the past two nights she is struggling to find rest. Her nose is stuffy and yucky making it difficult for her to breathe. At this time she is snoring, loudly and breathing hard. I don't fear that anything other than this cold is brewing. Her chest is clear, she does not have a cough or anything like that. She has no fever. Just trouble breathing through her stuffy, stuffy nose. I'm allowing her to sleep as late as she possibly can. She has OT and sign this morning at 11 and then a PT evaluation from the school district this afternoon at 1pm. I was tempted to cancel on her behalf, but thought twice about it. It seems that once she is up, bathed, bow in place, etc. that she does a little better and even though I know she could use the extra rest I also know that she needs the therapy as well. My plan is to not wake her until 10:30 this morning. Hope I'm making the right decision.

In other news, explaining the "such" in our title, Blake made the "blue" football team at his new school. Thats good news. There are two teams. I think the blue team is considered the A team or first string. Thats what I've been told by friends. So he may turn into a football player after all. He is playing wide receiver and safety. I have no idea what either of those things mean except that one is on the defense and the other is on the offense( I'm sure my good friend Lou Ann is smiling at me about now. Her son is a college football player). I'm really proud of him for going out there and giving it his all. Even though he doesn't really like football I knew it wouldn't keep him from working as hard as he possibly could. His first game is this Thursday and I have to admit I'm looking forward to watching and trying to figure this game out. He is itching to play baseball. We always take the month of August off and so his first tournament of the fall season is a week from this Saturday. Not playing in August is considered a tragedy in his mind and he can't wait to get back on the field.

Allie had her first practice of the season with her new soccer team. As always she was incredible. I love to see her play. She jumped right in and I think it should be a good fit for her. She knew no one and had never met the coaches, but I don't think it will take her long to find her place. She loves the game and is absolutely fearless. She came home from school with a smile on her face as she shared a story about playing soccer at recess and facing another player(the star player on the boys team according to Blake who used to play on that team) down. From what I hear only one of them was left standing and I'll just tell she isn't the one who ended up without the ball. She had a grin from ear to ear and so did her brother. He followed up her story with this little comment, "They should have let her play, they sure do need her on that team. " To which I had to laugh. I just did, cause I think he's right.

We are experiencing some changes in our office causing Dave to have to be at work for 12 or more hours a day lately. Its not been a lot of fun to be him, but I am so grateful for the care he provides to our patients. God is using him and our staff to change people's lives and I'm humbled as is he for the opportunity he is being given. I know that even though this is difficult on us all(especially the children who are missing out on time with him) I believe that God has something in mind. Please join us in prayer as we seek to find the right staff members to add to our team. It takes a special person who loves people and who is dedicated to helping others to make our practice work. I'm praying God leads us to them and them to us. In the meantime I'm praying for an extra measure of strength and energy for Dave. He is passionate about his work and his patients. I love that about him!

So that's whats happening in our piece of the world, sneezes, snoozes and such. Lots of all of the above. Hope your piece of the world is just as you like it and if its not then I hope that the Father is carrying you through. Take care my friends. Trish


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