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In all honesty I should be straightening up our bedroom, finishing the laundry, and taking a shower since Dave will be coming home in about 6 hours or so, but...I'm sitting here scrolling through the hundreds of photos taken last weekend and stumbled on these. They were just SO COOL I had to share them. If your not that into baseball or to Blake then they probably won't interest you that much, but for those of you who are in to one or the other (like my family members) then enjoy. I sure did, cause I AM into baseball and REALLY into Blake since he's my kid and all.

See Blake.

See the ball.

See Blake watch the ball.

Hey, wheres the ball?

Its over the center fielders head! Yeah, Blake. I told you it was cool!

I love that Dave captured these shots. So neat to have them to go right along with the memory of watching it happen. I know he hit at least 3 doubles last weekend and it may have been four. Anyway, it was cool and so is my kid. Hope your having a great Sunday. My kid and his dad will both be home tonight and that makes us girls smile again.

I'm off to fold some laundry and make the bed(don't tell anyone I haven't done it and its already after lunch time). Take care. Trish


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