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Ticking Away

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...

The days, hours, minutes, and moments of Ashley Kate's 3rd year are quietly ticking away. In less than two weeks we will be the parents of a four year old for the third time. I look at this miracle child and find myself speechless as I try and formulate what words it is my heart wants to say about this year. Once again it proved to be eventful. Not nearly as quiet and ho-hum as I would have hoped, but it is in those eventful, unpredictable days that I see the hand of God working in our lives more clearly than ever before.

So the time has come to finalize the preparations of the celebration we are throwing for her. Her birthdays are not just another day. They are milestones in our family. Huge, celebrated, appreciated milestones that we weren't sure we would ever see come to pass. This year we have chosen to throw her a Luau. Complete with sandy beach, shovel and pails, sea shell hunting, limbo dancing, tacky tourist relays, umbrella floating slushy drinks, lei's, grass skirts, coconuts, music, great food, tiki hut, the big Kahuna, and all.

As we count down the days to her party I realize that the remodeling projects I have found myself in the middle must come to an end. There is simply not enough time in my days. I am going to give myself till Friday of this week to complete our kitchen makeover and then thats it. I have decided that I do not love painting kitchen cabinets. It is not fun and even though I think the finished product is going to be amazing the whole process is exhausting and I'm not a professional painter. So at the moment I have cabinet doors laid out all over every square inch of our kitchen and absolutely not one single drawer or door in its place. When I look at it all I think I may not finish this mess by Friday, but like I said all remodeling must end at that time so that we may concentrate on things that make me smile like building tiki huts and such.

Ash is feeling really good these days. Her line infection is clearing and we have been able to keep the line while treating the infection. Our hope is to have it removed toward the end of this week so that our sweet girl might wear a swimsuit at her party and join in the pool festivities. She loves to swim and reaches for the pool each and every day. I can't wait to have her rid of the central line!

All of my family, my brother and sisters and their families, my parents, and anyone else who may claim us will be attending. We are so excited to share our new home and our miracle girl with all who attend. I think its going to be an evening of fun and laughter laced with thanksgiving. God has blessed us with another year of watching our daughter grow, laugh, play, learn, and survive. There were days that I wondered if we would ever see her fourth year, but here we are.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, only 8 more days until we can we have a four year old and then two more until her celebration. Hope your week is blessed. Our is going to be busy. Sure wish my kitchen cabinets were finished! Anybody want to hold a paintbrush today?


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