Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Are we having fun yet?

We keep asking ourselves this question. I'm not so sure that we are. Well...we might be, but were just too tired to realize it. Yeah, I think that's it. We just too tired to realize how much fun were having.

So far we have had hardwood floors laid, painted the dining room, painted the family room, then sanded down the family room, then painted it again(please don't ask me why its a LONG story and one that I'm tired of being laughed at about), put in all new appliances, ripped out a wet bar and built an office space to replace it, replaced light fixtures in one, two, three, four, five rooms and still have three more to do tonight, decorated Allies' room, and the nursery, and have just started Blake's room, taken down the kitchen cabinet doors and painted them black ( we have a long way to go this week before all the cabinets are finished), stained the tile grout, and converted the pool to saltwater. The to do list before August 7th(Ashley Kate's 4th birthday celebration. Her birthday is on the 4th but our party is later that week) is still really, really long and seems impossible. Its not though. Dave and I just laughed this afternoon about how much we've done and how much more we have left to do. Nothings impossible. Not when we are willing to work as hard as we are. People think were crazy, but were not. Its going to be worth it and once our family arrives for her party and we are all settled in and celebrating we can sit back and enjoy it all. This house was so "vanilla" and we are so not! Just wait and see.

Ashley Kate looks so good. She's not near as good as she looks, but you can't convince her of that. She actually has a central line infection. Its not slowing her down though. She's on a 10 course of IV antibiotics being given round the clock every 8 hours for now and if her line cultures come back clear in 3 more days then we will continue using the line to treat the infection. If not then the line will be pulled and a peripheral IV will be started to finish the course. She is home with us and has not gone to the hospital. I got suspicious night before last and drew a blood culture. It started growing gram positive clusters this morning about 4 am. The most frustrating thing about this infection is that we were having the line removed this week. We haven't needed it for a couple of weeks and so we wanted it pulled before she got an infection. Too late. Now our plan is to finish this treatment, pull the line, and then have her all ready to swim by her party. That's the plan. We will just have to wait and see if all goes accordingly.

Well, I suppose I should get back to work. Lots and lots to do and each evening before bedtime the work shuts down and the pool opens up. I try and squeeze in as many projects as I can before the kids put their suits on and their dad slips out back to join them. Life is crazy blessed and we are so grateful for this time we have been given together. The good thing about working this hard is that sleep comes quickly and easily. No tossing or turning to be done once my head hits the pillows. Hope all is well in your homes. I'm trying hard to make this feel like ours. Not there yet, but hopefully getting closer with every passing day.


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