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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Packing it Up

In order to make sure we didn't forget to pack the most important things in our little yellow house Dave and I got started this past weekend. We packed the littlest one first and the older two are to follow this evening.

Ashley Kate knew what was coming and she could hardly wait...

Once she was appropriately packed she...

nestled her little bottom into place and located her toes.

Then she grabbed hold of the sides and held on...

tightly as she waited for the fun to begin! We gave her one last run across the floors of our house.

At the end of the ride we closed the top of the box and tapped it shut. See you guys next week when my box arrives at the new house.

The reality of this whole moving situation began to settle in this weekend when I brought the mail into the house and discovered items addressed to our buyers at what will soon be their address and not ours. Ouch! That was both encouraging and disheartening all at the same time. I mean, I think thats a pretty good sign that they won't be backing out of the sale in this last week, but it also made me realize that its really happening. In just one short week this will no longer be our home, but someone else's. Its all so emotional for me.

I have packed something in almost every room in the house except for the family room. I just can't do it. Not yet anyway. I like sitting in there each evening with a candle burning on the mantle and pictures of our children hanging on the walls. Its comforting to me while the rest of the house is literally wall to wall moving boxes. Dave walks in each evening and another little piece of our home is sealed up in a card board box. Our bathroom retreat no longer has baskets of soft towels and candles lining the shelves. Instead its empty. The dining room table no longer has a place setting ready and waiting for each member of our family. Instead it sits there completely cleared of all evidence that dinner will be served. The nursery is losing its sweetness piece by piece as I fold quilts, pack baskets, put away toys all into those ugly cardboard boxes. In some ways an excitement is building as I imagine what it will feel like to recreate those places in our new home and in others its just sad to my heart.

I'm sure its going to be a long and emotional week for us. Once we make it through this week then the fun of remodeling, painting, decorating, and "make a wishing" will begin at the new house. That should keep me occupied for a while. Our closing day is just a week away, then we have a week to prepare the new house for Ashley Kate's needs before we move our little family over to the other side of town and just around the block from Blake's new school. Life is really busy these days and we are thanking God that our Ashley is feeling stronger and stronger each day. What a blessing it is to have a happy, "healthy" toddler to make this move with. God is good to us. So good that it blows my mind when I consider all that He has done and is doing in her life. Wow!

Hope your week is blessed and full of joy. I'll check in as often as I can with this silly computer. Only 8 more days until we have reliable service again. Yeah!!! God bless. Trish


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