Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


She's in Love

With her daddy and her daddy is...

in love with this little girl!

Its moments like this in our little yellow house when Dave comes in from the office that I'm really, really trying to convince myself will be at the new house too. After all its not the house that makes it home its the family, right?

I snapped these photos around 8pm last night and then the whole story about the lab work took place at 9pm. I just got a call from Nebraska letting me know that her blood sugar was only 37. 37! Thats so dangerously low that its not just alarming it warrants a call from all the labs, doctors offices and surgeons' who have ever taken care of her. The symptoms of blood sugar this low are lethargy and non-responsiveness. Based on these photographs I just can't believe that level is correct. I really can't believe it. I'm working on getting a glucose monitor right now(Dave's mom is borrowing one from a friend) and then we will be checking blood sugars throughout the day. If it is that low then the team in Nebraska said they will have to figure out a way to get us some glucose to straight push into her line and try to get it at least as high as 60 although they want it to to register between 75-90. She looks amazing this morning. She really does and so I'm not in a panic except for the part about needing blood for all of this monitoring.

I can assure you its never, ever slow around this place. They or shall I say she keeps us hopping on a daily basis.


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