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To Clear it all up

Many of you have asked the same questions lately so I thought I might give the answers to them in case you missed them the last week or so.

Is Ash scheduled for another line?

Yes. She will be going in Monday, June 1st at 5:30am. They will be attempting to place a more permanent central line into her left femoral vein and tunneling it up to come out somewhere to the left of her g-tube(feeding tube). I can't even imagine how sore her side will become from all the dressing changes in such a sensitive area. The surgeon's goal is to stay out of her breast tissue but to locate it just below it and still above the g-tube. These are the plans, but we all know that most anything can happen once she's back there.

Has her neck healed yet?

It looks like most of the incision is healing nicely. It is about 2 1/2 inches across sitting right under her jaw line. She still has a few steri-strips in place, but from what I can see it is healing. She does have a stitch coming out of one end that will have to be removed. I look at it and still can't believe it happened.

Did our little yellow house sell?

Yes. I mean, there was an offer made and accepted. I suppose its not technically sold until the closing, but it was gone within the first 2 hours on the market. As sad as I am about losing it, I am so thankful it went quickly. The idea of having to move Ash out of the house each time it was being shown was so frightening to me. The way things turned out she was in the hospital the day it went on the market and then it was gone. It was such a blessing it all worked out that way. As sick as she is right now keeping it up for showings and being on "call" to leave with her would have been impossible. Dave and I really believe God worked it all out for us.

Have we found a home?

Yes. Our offer was made the same day and was accepted without a counter back and forth. This too was such a blessing. Our space will have doubled. The kids will have plenty of room to run around with their friends and it even has an in ground pool for them to enjoy. They are thrilled about this. Our plan is to have it converted over to salt water as soon as the papers are signed. Its much better on skin, on hair, and on over all health. Ash will have a very nice sized therapy/class/ play room. Blake will still have a game room so that he can continue battling back and forth with his dad for the title of the ultimate ping pong champion. Seriously, the competition is getting out of control, but its probably one of the best purchases we have ever made. I would highly recommend a ping pong table for any one who wants to spend more quality family time together. We talk, laugh hysterically, and play with our kids and there is nothing that can beat a night like that! Basically all of our desires were met. God has truly blessed us. There is some work to be done but it will all be worth it.

When are we moving?

Closing is set for June 30th.

What school is Blake going to next year?

Pine Tree. It was his hearts desire to attend school with his best friends and it is our pleasure to give him the opportunity. Its a privilege. The kids earn the right to be schooled outside of our home. If they don't keep up their grades, maintain Godly character, and continue striving to be the best young people they can be then I have NO problem teaching them around our dining room table. Its just the way it works at our house. Allison will stay at Christian Heritage. I hope she'll be there until graduation, but we'll see.

Do we have any big plans for our summer?

NO. I have learned that planning anything usually leads to disappointment. I'm trying to just go with the flow and enjoy our days at home together. The kids each have a church camp their attending. Blake has 3 state tournaments and 1 national tournament to play. Other than those things on the calendar its pretty much open. We usually like to plan some type of vacation for the family, but to be honest Ash is just too sick right now to even think about it. It will probably happen spur of the moment and more than likely won't be anywhere very far from home. Just feel the need at this moment to keep her close to home.

I hope I answered them all. That's all I can think of right now. Even among the hard times concerning Ashley Kate's health we are feeling very blessed. I know God is taking care of so many of the details in our lives. I really believe He is. I"m looking forward to getting her well again. She hasn't been in therapy or in school for 3 weeks now and we will find ourselves starting over yet again with her. To be honest, I'm just thankful she's here with us so that we can start over again. I'm convinced that if we can ever find a balance to her health and give her a few good months or even a year of being well that she would find the strength to do amazing things. I'm still hopeful. I suppose I will always be.

Have a great evening. Trish


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