Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


A Plan

We are planning to take Ash to the OR mid morning tomorrow. Not for a line placement(because of her fever) but for a biopsy of her bowel. She will still require a central line, buy when she'll get it I have no idea. In addition they will place an arterial line in her wrist to assure that we have access for blood draws. No one wants to attempt drawing from her again. We will wait on all lab work until she is fast asleep and is unaware of what is being done. Just giving her little veins a break from all the searching and attempts.

The biopsies will be sent overnight to our team in Nebraska and based on the finding we will make a decision as to what direction she and I will be headed. Still we are all hoping and praying for a virus or an infection and no sign of rejection.

Tonight we will rehydrate her, balance her electrolytes, and keep her stable. Her heart rate is down a little, her respiration's are trending down as well, and her oyxgen saturation's are up to 97%. Chest x-rays are all clear. All vital signs tell us that she is stable and not in any immediate danger giving us a little bit of time over then next couple of days to make the best decisions for our family. If at any moment things change then we will head toward Omaha.

I'm going to try and get home at some point tonight to take care of things at the house, pack a little more effectively, and run a few errands in case we must leave again. I think Dave is making an offer on a house we saw yesterday and ours must be ready for showing tomorrow. I need to get the RV straightened back up(from living in it this week) and get it ready for Allie's tournament also. Wow, I imagine I wont be sleeping much tonight. I won't even make it to Longview until 8or9 once Dave can arrive here to sit with Ash. Then we will switch once I make it back to Shreveport so that he can make it in to the office in the morning. What a crazy time in our lives this is!


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