Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



That was the actual number of Ashley Kate's blood glucose. 116 is a very, very long way from 37! She looked far too good for me to believe that number could be accurate, but they were very concerned and wanted me to confirm that she was not symptomatic. They asked me to wake her up yesterday morning and my sleepy baby was not having it. Not because she was lethargic or unresponsive, but because she was tired and very grumpy. She refused to open her eyes, but she did shake her head "no" very defiantly all the while her eyes were closed as tightly as she could close them. She crossed her arms so that I couldn't pick her up and make her get out of bed. I was literally cracking up with the transplant coordinator on the phone as I confirmed that "yes, she is tired and still sleeping, but no she is not unresponsive". She was quite responsive in letting me know that she really didn't care who was on the phone asking for her to get up, it could have been the President for all she cared, it was NOT going to happen. Oh, this girl! I love her spunk!

This morning Dave and I will be at the new house choosing flooring and getting an estimate. I imagine I'll need to be sitting down when they tell me how much it is going to cost to get 3100sq. ft. of new floors laid. Oh, well its got to be done and if I can afford to have nothing else done in the new house for the next 10 years this is on the top of my priority list. I just can't live with carpet. The whole germs trapped where you can't see them creeps me out. Especially with Ashley Kate's lung condition. Since she spends most of her day on the floor playing I have to have them redone. Hopefully there will still be a little money in the budget to take care of a few other things too, but if not we will be moving in anyway.

Once we finish at the new house then we are loading our little family in the RV and taking off for the Dallas area. The Tarheels are playing in DeSoto this weekend and we are so excited to get to watch Blake play this weekend. Allie will be heading on toward Oklahoma to attend camp with my nieces in Kansas next week. She is so excited! Its the first time we have allowed her to go without us and she promises to wash, dry and fix her hair each day. I really hope she does. I hate the idea of her not taking care of herself. She got some super cute outfits and is so, so looking forward to it all. We've had her packed since Monday! My mom will be coming home with us this Sunday for a few weeks to help with Ash so that I can pack, run errands, and make decisions for the new house.

Things continue to run at full speed around here and we like it that way. When we do lay our heads down at night I assure you none of us have any trouble sleeping. I think sleep is one of my favorite things as a mom. Such a pity I don't get that much of it! I often wonder why I hated nap time so much when I was a kid? If I could figure out how to re-instate that into my day I would be thrilled!

Hope you all have a great weekend. We are really looking forward to ours. Take care my friends. Trish


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