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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Full Steam Ahead

Ash's Make a Wish interview went really well. She was in the silliest mood. As they walked up the drive she sat on my hip and waved hysterically like she'd known them her whole life. I giggle at this little girl who is so, so different from the one we've had over the last 8 months. She is a mess! An absolute joy to have in my arms. The interviewers came with a gift for Ash and that always makes me nervous. Ash LOVES presents(kind of like her mom!) but its not so much whats inside the gift that she gets excited about. Its the package the gift arrives in that makes her smile. Most new toys(unless its a book) she is very, very unsure of and really kind of afraid of. It takes are really long time to adjust to knew toys and so when a gift arrives that is hand delivered by the one who chose it for her and is excited to see what she thinks then I start to get nervous. As expected Ash giggled and played for most of the interview with the tissue paper. It made her SO happy. Then when we finally pulled the doll out of the package she freaked out. I'm mean really freaked. Covered her eyes and shook her head "no,no, no" like it was going to get her or something. I tried to explain as best I could that it would take her a few days or weeks to adjust to the doll, but that eventually she would love it. They giggled at her and just kept on visiting with us as I filled out paperwork.

They loved our "wish" and are going to do what they can to make it happen for Ash. We gave them a start date of July5(giving me 5 days to have floors laid and boxes unpacked) and they would LOVE to have it completed in time for her 4th birthday celebration which will be held on August 7th. All of our families will be in town to celebrate and they want to throw her Make a Wish party at that time too. So needless to say our new home will be bustling with activity in just a matter of days if all things come together like hoped. I'm not sure and neither were they if they can actually do what we had in mind, but what they can't accomplish then I know her daddy will. Either way it is such a HUGE blessing and such a humbling experience to meet this group of amazing people who love children like they do. I feel so blessed that they would choose to do this for our Ashley.

The whole moving thing is proving to be so stressful! I'm afraid to pack up the house until the last minute just in case things fall through. I mean, how sad would I be to have an empty house and no where to go? The thought of leaving the house empty as we sit in it each night isn't very appealing to me either. On the other hand we have less than two weeks to be ready to go and the days are slipping away from me. I really don't know what to do. Pack or don't pack? There are so many phone calls back and forth between all parties involved that it scares me to pick up the phone. It seems like every day someone calls needing a check to pay for something. UGH! I just like to write checks for things like flooring or new paint or fun stuff like that. I wish all the other stuff would just end already so I could get on with the good stuff. Oh, well I guess this is the process or say they tell me.

Blake is leaving us for Arkansas tonight. My sister is arriving tonight as well. Then my niece will be going home tomorrow. Allie's trying to convince us to let her go too, but I'm not ready to have an empty house. Who knows when I could get her back? I miss them too much when their gone. Dave will be home in 3 hours and I KNOW he's ready for a slow, relaxing weekend. Its been one crazy week for us. Life is moving full steam ahead and if your not ready to jump on board your going to get left behind. At least in our corner of the world thats the way it all works. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing him walk up the drive so we can sit and chat. I sure miss him while he's working all day.

Hope you week was a good one. Ash continues to do well. She's struggling with a really messed up g-tube right now, but other than that and the issues it causes in skin break down she's happy and as ornery as ever. I like her that way. Talk to you guys soon. It sure will be nice when we do finally move and have reliable internet service again. Then I can visit with you as often as I'd like. Take care my friends. Thanks for checking in with us. God bless. Trish


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