Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


She's Home

Our house is a little crowded these days, but I don't mind. I'm really enjoying it. My mom is here helping with Ashley Kate while I run errands before the big move. Allison came home, and I'm so glad she's here. One of my nieces came back with Allie, and then Blake's best friend is like one of the family. He's always here and we like it that way. So in our little house this week you'll find 8 people stacked on top of each other and its crazy fun! In the new house we'll never be this crowded and I'm afraid I'm going to miss it. The chaos that comes from such a small space is something I have learned to love. The noise, the tip toeing, the bumping into each other around every corner. These last couple of weeks here in this house are going to be precious times for my heart.

Tonight my niece piped up with a question. The kids were all huddled together on the floor painting a project and my mom was in the room with them.

"Nan, whats a bachelor?"

My mom answers, "A bachelor is a man who's not married and has to do all the cooking and cleaning and laundry for himself."

With that said our Allison announces, "Then I'm marrying a bachelor!"

I missed her and her nonsense so much last week and I'm thrilled she made it back home to us. On top of all her silliness we have made it to one of those major milestones in her life. I made a promise to her all year long that this summer would be the summer. She's not forgotten. As a matter of fact she has asked about it every single day since school let out. Tonight was THE night.

She tells the boys (remember their 13), "You guys are going to be present for the second most important day of my life so far. Aren't you excited?"

"Uh... of course we are. About what?"

"Just wait. Your gonna see."

And then it happened. About half an hour later she appeared from the bath with the smoothest legs she's ever had and you would have thought she had been handed the whole world. The smile on her face as she squealed, "It worked! I can't believe it! It really worked!" was the biggest I have ever seen.

Its been an exciting day in our house.

In Ashley Kate's part of the world she continues to take tiny steps back toward her old self. We are so excited. She's eating again. Small amounts of baby foods, but its food and we are so excited for her. Then today she made me cry as I sat across the room from our girl and watched her begin to move. I couldn't speak. All I could do was sit there in awe as I watched her figure it out and remember how she used to scoot across the floors to get what she wanted. In that moment my heart was so full of joy and gratitude. Its been so long since I had seen any movement initiated by her that I had forgotten how beautiful that little "scoot" she created was to my eyes. Blessing abound all around her as she makes her way back to who she was before the last 8 months of struggle began.

Allie's home again and that puts us all back in the same place for a few days. Then Blake will be leaving us for a long weekend trip. Summertime is full of fun and I'm so blessed to watch the kids enjoy the freedom that comes with this time of year. Before too long the days will be gone and school will begin. They are packing as much as they can into these few weeks with their friends.

Life is busy and blessed. We are grateful. More than words can express. Hope your enjoying your summer as much as we are enjoying ours. Take care my friends. Trish


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