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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Exhausted but yet so Excited!

We are still here! I can't believe we have survived all that has gone on in our "homes" the last week, but we made it and our last night in our little yellow house has come and gone forever. The night before closing I slept NONE. It was so frustrating to be so tired, but yet so emotional that sleep could not be found. At the closing I began to have a little panic attack. Tears, pounding heart, sick feeling all over, and no words could be said, but then after a few moments I settled down and we proceeded to sign over our home to a very, very sweet couple who will be celebrating their first anniversary in their new little yellow house Monday evening. Life is so crazy. Who would have thought that the last four years and all of the memories and longings for home would be wrapped up in that little house. I had no idea how much it really meant to me until we let it go. BUT...

now we are in our new home and its really quite fun. Ash loves it. Her nursery is four times the size of her little "closet nursery". I kept telling Dave how big her room seems to me and he reminded me "she lived in a closet!" Her little nursery space was the absolute sweetest and so I would forget it used to be Allie's walk in closet. In our new house Ash will have 2 huge rooms. Her nursery and her surprise make a wish room. So exciting.

When I say we are in our new home I guess thats not entirely correct. I mean we, as in the people, are here, but the furniture? Well...lets just say that when your floors are being completely re done the week you move in that you kind of have to deposit all things in the garage, and when thats full then you move to the patio, and then the drive way, and the yard, and anywhere else you can find to pile them. Then when you get an unexpected call that asks if your son would like to be a guest player for a scrimmage on Thursday night, then an out of town tournament THIS weekend, and a week long tournament next week, you have to do what you have to do. Guess where we've been since Thursday evening? Yep, the ballpark. Hence all of our new neighbors are wondering if we are ever going to move INTO the house instead of around it. Priorities, right? My kids are more important to me than a put togther house. I'll have time to get it done. I mean, afterall we are having a HUGE birthday party around here in just 4 weeks. I have no choice.

So the little break from blogging came unexpectedly, but it was necessary. On top of all the craziness of our life we received a pretty scary e mail after I shared about Ashley's first temper tantrum and I kind of froze after reading it. Didn't really know where the future of this blog was going. I have had some awful things said about us before and some really unkind words received in our message section, but this one scared me pretty bad. It took me a while to recover from it and then I just did. So who ever you are, go ahead and pray to whatever god you THINK is listening to you, but I know in my heart that the one true God knows our hearts and He's not into hurting us or our children. I know that to be the truth. You can't get to our son or our daughters and for that matter you can't get to me either. He's protecting us and thats what I believe.

So here I am. Still a little out of sorts. Ashley Kate is amazing. Looks amazing. Feels amazing. Ashley loves life and brings smiles to the hearts and faces of those around her every single day. She stood up for 3 five minute periods last week and we are all so encouraged and excited by her progress. Each time her therapist comes over she looks at her and signs the words "stand up" without shedding a tear! This is HUGE. Her sign skills have taken off like never before and she's actually began to babble sounds that resemble the word "momma" more than any of us can deny. God is doing amazing works in her little body and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to watch Him work.

Love you guys. Missed you and promise to be back in full swing just as soon as we can get there. Now I have to go find the shower curtain so we can all get up and get ready. Take care. Trish


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