Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Cracking Up!

Thats what they do with each other. They can't stop laughing each evening when he comes home to play. I love this! She laughs so hard it makes us all laugh too. Oh my goodness this girl LOVES her daddy!

Something were not cracking up about... Ash goes to the OR in the morning at 6:30am. Just thinking of our 4:30 alarm clock does not have me laughing. Neither does the whole take my kid, put her to sleep with anesthesia, take her to the recovery room where she has no ability to communicate her needs to anyone back there, and then come out with bandages and stitches, but its just a necessary evil. Ashley's central lines can't just be pulled out in a clinic visit. The frailty of her venous system causes her to be scheduled in surgery to have them removed. Its going to be a short procedure but one that requires a skilled surgeon to navigate through in order for her to come out safely.

The blessing is that its being done on a Friday so Dave can go to Shreveport along with us. The other blessing is that it is being done a week before her big birthday bash so that she should be healed enough to be given the green light to go swimming. We are super excited about that.

Once we arrive home and she is resting comfortably then Dave and I will slip into full party planning mode. By sundown tomorrow we should have a fully fuctional Tiki Hut for our luau and be on our way to building the beach and planting palm trees. This is going to be SO fun!

My family begins arriving early next week and by Friday afternoon every member should be here. We are going to have the best time. Let the games begin. I have a round or two of sequence to win. Can't wait!

Hope your weekend is blessed. Take care. Trish


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