Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



The cost of her shovel and pail: $1.99

The cost of a cute new swimsuit: $12.99

The cost of a palm tree: $74.99

The cost of bringing the "beach" to our baby for her 4th birthday? Priceless!!!

I just finished unloading 1000lbs of the "beach" from our Explorer and I'm dripping with sweat. So much so that I had to sit down and enjoy an ice cold Diet Coke, but the smile on my face can't be wiped away. I'm so excited as we anticipate Ashley Kate's birthday party this Friday. She will be turning 4 years old tomorrow and I can hardly contain my excitement. Our miracle baby is a little girl. That is something I have dreamed of every day of her life but have to be honest and say that I have wondered if it would happen. What joy it brings to my heart to see our little girl each day playing in her room and not in a hospital bed. What blessings flow over me and peace floods me as I listen to her giggle and fuss about the silliest of things rather than scream and cry over the harder things in her life. God has been so very merciful with our Ashley and to Dave and I as her parents. We are so undeserving of all that He has given, but I am so thankful.

The first round of our company arrives Wednesday evening and then they will flood into Texas and to our home consistently from that time. Dave and I are thrilled to know we will have a house full of nieces and nephews, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends. Of course not every room is painted yet, not all things have found their places, and the house isn't all settled, but none of that means anything in the grand scheme of life. What does mean something to our hearts is that our family will be surrounding our daughter to celebrate her life, to pray over her future, and to laugh at her ornery streak. Nothing can compare to knowing they are still praying and feeling their love for our sweet Ashley.

So I promise to post party picks of the luau and of our sweet girl on her "beach" just as soon as they roll in. On top of all our birthday celebrations we have a baseball tournament this weekend too. Life is busy, busy, busy and oh so blessed. May you feel the blessings of our Father pour over you and your family this week.


Our Tiki hut and beach house turned out awesome! They are so ADORABLE! I'm too excited about this party. Wish you all could be here with us. Take care. Trish


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