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All Stitched Up

They surgeon just called out and let us know that he finished removing Ash's catheter and that he did have to make another incision on her left rib cage to get the cuff out. So...she's stitched up. Another incision, another scar. We've lost count of the number of scars her four year old little body wears. The stitches should be removed next Friday, except that our pediatric office isn't opened on Fridays so we will be in search of someone to remove them. It'll probably fall on the shoulder's of her daddy.

The good news is that by next Friday evening, the day of her birthday party, our Ashley should be swimming in the pool with her guests and playing on the beach under the palm trees. I'm just so excited for her. No line means we don't have to worry about little grains of sand or anything else causing an infection in her line.

I imagine Ash will sleep for most of today. She only slept from 8:30 till 11:00 last night and then was up until they gave her pre meds at 10am this morning. So with the lack of rest last night, the pre-med, and the anesthesia I expect to have a very sleepy little pickle for the day. We are hoping to be on our way home in an hour or so.

Just wanted to update you guys and let you know she's doing well. Thanks so much for your prayers. Take care. Trish


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