Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Finding Rest

Ashley is finding more rest this morning than she has in weeks. She is not screaming and crying in pain. It is hard to believe that removing the organ we fought so long and hard to protect was the right decesion but seeing a bit of sparkle in her eyes this morning is a HUGE blessing to this Mommy and Daddy. We have just removed her arm restraints to see if she can be trusted. She assumed the classic Ashley pose with legs crossed and both arms behind her head. It's those little things that confirm to us that she is feeling better and on her way back. Her central line had to be removed because it was not working properly. While they were removing the line and not paying attention she pulled the nasogastric tube our of her nose and handed it to them. I love that she plays by her own rules. Ash lives by the motto "Rules are meant to be broken" and I love it. We have to have a central line now because she is 100% TPN (IV nutrition) dependant and we really don't have a plan for how to get one. We are going to wait through the weekend and allow her to rest and then talk about a plan for placing a new line. But around here plans can change in a heartbeat so we really don't know. Thank you so much for praying with us through the night.


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