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Worth a Thousand Words

The 2013 Pine Tree Pirates...and Ashley Kate:)

If a picture was ever truly worth a thousand words then I would say this is the one.  If you look closely in the upper right image you will see the ball in the air right after she threw it.

 I could write a novel about the way God has used this silly game of baseball and my son's passion for it in the life of our family, and especially in the life of our youngest daughter...but I won't.

There are some things I choose to hold in my heart and for now this is just one of those things.  The emotions are so strong I really can't find words to even share if I chose too.

Instead I decided to leave you with a few of the many images we captured the other night.

My beautiful girls.

The boy that chases his dream and inspires me to keep giving it my all even on the days I feel as though I can't go on.  Oh, how he loves this game and his little sister!

This is my VERY favorite of them all.  I don't know why, but there is something about it that draws me back to it again and again.  The flag...the coach handing Ashley Kate the ball to son, oh how I LOVE this baby...her daddy...the umpire...the field.  In my opinion it captures it all.  Every single piece of that night all together in one single image.

It was a moment that will live in our hearts forever.

There is a video.  Its not great quality and I'm not sure how to add it here, but I'm working on it.  Maybe it will be up in the next day or two.

One more game away from clinching the District Championship!  Win or lose we will come out with the title either solely or co-champions.  I'm so proud of this team and so blessed Blake has had the opportunity to be a part of it.


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