Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



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Some days are just really bad days. Today would be one for Ash. Surgery to place the central line took way to long, we knew something was not going right in there. They did eventually get a PIC line placed in her right arm. When we saw her in recovery we began counting and we got to 27 sticks that we could see. Her right arm where the line ended up is covered in bandages so we don't know how many sticks it took at that site to get the line in. Her biopsy's are now on a FedEx plane somewhere between here and Omaha and should be read by a pathologist tomorrow. We truly appreciate your prayers for Ash tonight as she is now awake and very very sore. My prayer for her is that she will be able to sleep tonight with little discomfort and tomorrow's pathology report will be a good one.



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