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I guess...

...There is a first time for everything. Right?

Tonight we are on our way to watch Blake play in his first EVER football game. Like I said, "A first time for everything." I will be totally honest with you and let you know that I NEVER expected to be on my way to watching him do this. Just never crossed my mind. He's a baseball player and every one who's ever known him knows that. Tonight were going to see if he's a football player too. Kind of cool I guess.

I know NOTHING about the game. I'm still not sure where he's going to be on the field. Somewhere close to the end of the line on offense and in the back on defense. Thats what I've been told. This is going to be fun.

I dropped him off at the locker room a little while ago and on the way there I asked him if he was excited or nervous or anything. His answer?

"Not really anything. I mean its not a baseball game so I don't think I'm excited, but I guess its something to do tonight. I'd rather being playing football then sitting at home studying. Its still a sport and I like playing ball."

So there you have it. I asked him what everyone has been asking me today, "Is he excited?" and that was his answer. I think he'll have a good time.

I've got her pigtails pulled up and two huge raspberry colored bows in place so I guess Ashley Kate is ready for her first football game too. Not sure how long she's going to last, but we are going to attempt it.

Dave and I are excited. Anytime you get to spend an evening watching your kid play ball is a good evening in our book. Even if its not baseball. We are super proud of him for giving this a try and for making the team. This is a new adventure for us all and who knows if he'll ever play again after this season. I think he might, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm off to the football stadium. See you guys later.


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