Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


It's been a long time

...since I have addressed any comments sent to us. This morning I would like to remind those few that choose to be awful toward us that your presence in our lives and here on our journal is COMPLETELY your choice. No one is forcing you to follow along this journey.

This is our honest account of what life in the transplant world is like. There are days when it is difficult. There are days filled with joy. There are procedures that don't go well. There are many, many people making decisions for our daughter and they r not always going to agree with each other or with us. We ALL want the very best life for our Ashley. We all are doing the best we can. The very best we can.

This journal is our account. It is written for us to remember where God has taken us and what he has brought us through. It is written for our family. It is written for our sweet Ashley. It is written for the thousands of strangers across the country who have loved our Ashley enough to pray her and her mommy and daddy through the most difficult of times.

With that said. Ash is making improvements. Things are starting to turn around. She has remained stable through all of this. Her kidneys are taking a beating. The most severe of her life thus far, but they are beginning to wake up and function once again. She began to put out urine yesterday. Her immuno suppresant drug IS toxic to her kidneys. That is just the facts. This morning the level is at 29.7. We need it to be between 3-5. Her face is severely swollen and her neck is as well. One arm matches with swelling caused by an infiltrated iv that albumin was run through forote than two hours. It is slowly improving. Ash doesn't look like herself and doesn't feel like herself. She is confused. She wants to go home. We wAnt that for het too.

I hold on to the image of seeing her dancing with her daddy across the rug in her room last thusday night. The smiles on their faces were ones I burned into my memory knowing in that moment she was as happy as I had ever known her to be. I cry today remembering that moment as I wonder if she lays there remembering it too.

Closer to home. Everyday we get one day closer. That is what we are fighting this fight for. Home with our Ashley. It can't come soon enough.


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