Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Ashley's still ill this morning. She's been sick all night long. Her abdomen is rolling and rumbling and can be heard all the way across the room. She's cramping a lot and overall really miserable. I just gave her morning meds and my fingers are crossed that we can get through the next 30 minutes without losing them.

No sparkle in her eye this morning. She's fussy and tired and signing for her daddy(who happens to be away on business this weekend).

The kids have company this weekend and in all honesty its a nice diversion to keep them from worrying too much. They've both been up early with me this morning helping throw in loads of towels and blankets and fixing breakfast for their company since I'm trapped back in my room with Ash. Allie and her friends will spend the day swimming and Blake and his friend are attending a party tonight. What a blessing it was to look at the directions this morning and find out it is actually in our neighborhood just a few houses over from us. I won't have to leave Ash to take the guys.

Your prayers for Ashley Kate are greatly appreciated. Its been so long since she was sick like this. The memories are haunting and I'm so hopeful this will be a passing tummy bug and nothing more. She has no fever, no high stool output. Just vomiting and cramping. The most concerning issue for me is knowing the bowel inside of her is not her own. I'm just praying her body hasn't figured that out.


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