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Dealing with Disappointment

What a tough thing to learn. Especially at 14.

Blake's elbow is broken. Last weekend was by far the toughest weekend he has ever had behind the plate. I knew he was hurting. I think everyone at one point could tell. The umpire told him to take some time, walk it off, gather himself. So he did. He continued through the day and the next. He caught 27 out of 28 innings.

We thought he was struggling all this week with some deep bruising. His thought process is that it would work itself out. He threw Monday, hit and threw Tuesday. Went to practice Wednesday and worked on throw downs from behind the plate. He left practice in a lot of pain. This bruising wasn't getting any better. Thursday he rested. Friday in practice he couldn't even toss a baseball. He left without hitting. Saturday things were rough. Just annoying pain in his elbow. Loss of the use of his arm for most anything.

Dave looked at me Saturday morning and said, " I think it may be broken." Sinking disappointment settled in as I tried my best to think positive. There is no way its broken. No way. I mean, he used it all week long.

We shot films and sure enough there it was. A break in the growth plate. His right elbow. His throwing arm.

Not sure how to describe to you the rest of the day. Deep disappointment. Frustration. Blake is very discouraged, very disgruntled and very grumpy. I know his heart is hurting and because we know that we are hurting too.

We are grateful they had this weekend off. No tournament. There is no way he will be playing next weekend and probably not the next. Our hope is that by the third weekend he might be ready, but if he is not I can assure you we won't allow him to risk his future seasons for this one. Healing time is anywhere from 2-5 weeks. We are using micro current therapy round the clock along with some laser therapy as well. The micro current increases ATP(the healing component in our cells) production by 500%. The more diligent he is with his therapy the quicker healing will occur. He knows that.

I'm afraid the real disappointment won't hit him until the first pitch of the first game he is sitting out of is thrown. Then its going to get tough. Life lessons learned at an early age.

My kid is tough. I've always known that about Blake. I knew it last weekend as he took hit after hit after hit from wild pitches. I just never knew he was tough enough to play with a broken elbow and still manage to throw a runner out at second who was attempting to steal on him.

Blake I'm so proud of you. I'm sorry for your pain and your disappointment, but if I know anything about you I know that you won't allow this to keep your from following your dreams. This is just a speed bump along the path. You can come back from this. I know you can. Love you, kid. I really, really do.


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