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Ashley Kate's brand new BIG GIRL BED! We are all SO excited for her. The crib was removed and her daddy assembled the cutest little big girl bed I have ever seen for her tonight.

Here is a full shot of the entire bed. Ignore the tags that I hadn't yet removed(they are gone now) and the turned up corner of the rug(its been fixed too) and Dave's head in the bottom corner of the shot(he was busy assembling a table and chairs). Concentrate on the image of our "baby" looking like such a big girl as she proudly sits on top of her new bed just waiting on some p.j.'s and a bedtime story.

This is what she looked like moments after being tucked into her new bed. No longer a baby sleeping in her crib in the nursery, but a little girl fast asleep in her big girl bed.

I've got lots to do as I work to finish her room. None of the painting has been done, and none of the monogramming of her pillows has been started but I couldn't wait to show you. She's so adorable in this bed and each time I have peeked in on her tonight my heart has melted at the sight of my girl. I love her so very much and each day I spend with her I am reminded of God's goodness and His grace.

Goodnight and God bless.


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