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Long Night

Well, its finally quiet in the house. All the kids are sleeping(Allie's sick with a stomach virus, Ashley's sleeping in after being up all night, and Blake doesn't have to be in school until after 11 this morning). Last night was long. Really long. Between my two girls I was up and running at least a dozen times.

I'm really used to waking up to the sounds of someone vomiting. I've done it for months on end with Ashley Kate and she is such a trooper when she's struggling with that. Allie HATES to throw up and is not so used to it. So to watch her be really sick is rough. Last night has given her a whole new understanding into Ash's life. I finally ran out of sheets for Allie's bed and she is now sleeping on top of beach towels spread across her mattress.

Its so sad to watch your kiddos be sick. Especially when there is nothing you can do to make it stop. I'm hoping last night was the worst for Al and that by afternoon she'll perk back up again. Most of our friends who have had this bug the last few days were feeling better after 24 hours or so.

If I hadn't watched Allison struggle through last night I might be suspicious about her being too sick to attend school today. But since I was the one cleaning up the messes and helping her pull herself up off the bed into the bathroom all night I KNOW she's really sick. They were dissecting frogs in science class. Not something she was looking forward to. So I guess you could say things worked out ok for her except for the whole unable to keep anything down, bordering dehydration, and feeling awful thing. You can't tell me God doesn't listen to our prayers and know the inner working of our hearts! Just kidding! I'm sure Allie would gladly trade places if it meant she could stop vomiting. Its not fun to be her right now.

I'm just holding out for nap time. Hoping my girls take one some time today so I can get a little sleep too. Not sure how productive I'm going to be if it doesn't happen.


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