Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Did I mention...

...that I had a wonderful plan to paint Allison's bedroom a couple of Friday's ago while she was at school? Did I mention it was the same day as her birthday party sleep over? Did I mention that Dave just shook his head back and forth in a negative direction willing me to keep my plans to myself and not to actually attempt to put it into action?

Yeah, I thought I did.

Well, I did it. I mean "we" did it.

Now let me just mention that my sweet Ashley's favorite room in the house just happens to be Allison Brooke's freshly painted bedroom. Why? Are you wondering why?

Because if my girl can do one thing its this. She can recognize and sign her some animals and on the top of her list is a zebra. Allison's walls got a fresh coat(or shall I say 3) of bright, lime green. Her ceiling got a nice shade of black. Her doors? Well, lets just say they now resemble something of a zebra pattern that my youngest loves to sit in front of and sign about ALL DAY LONG. And if your thinking I'm crazy for choosing those colors I might mention that her bed is painted zebra striped and hot pink with polka dots, her dresser has been covered in a nice zebra patterned paper(thanks to 2 jars of Modge Podge), and her bedding is all shades of hot pink, turquoise, lime green, and zebra print. I'm not crazy, just a mom who said "why not".

So if your ever at our house and find yourself looking for the 4 year old whom you could of sworn you left in the nursery, or the family room, or the play room you might just want to head down the hall and take a peek into Allison's room. I could bet you would find the missing 4 year old in front of one of the doors just signing away to the "zebra" she is convinced lives with us now.

Just thought I'd mention that:)


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