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Its not been pretty...

...around here this morning. Waking up has been hard. REALLY hard. Not so sure why I'm exhausted this morning. Perhaps it was from all the CHEERING I did at the track meet yesterday? Maybe? Who knows. I'm just saying that this mom had a GREAT time watching her kid do something she loves probably MORE than anyone could ever really know.

Did I forget to mention that Blake was going to pole vault? Yeah, I think I did. With very little instruction, not much practice, and a "I can figure this out attitude" he did pretty well for his first time. I was super proud of him. 7th place overall. But lets get to the real important events. The hurdles. I was so excited, so nervous, so out of body experience I could hardly contain myself. If you play back the video you would understand what I mean. My kid...on the track...running hurdles! Life is so, so sweet. He did so well for the first race in his life. I'm talking really well. In the 110's he came in 1st in his heat and 6th over all. So proud of him. He loved this race. In the 300's(the HARDEST event in the whole meet if you want my opinion, trust me it just is) He did ok. Not his favorite race, but he did well. Placing 2nd in his heat and something like 7th overall. I was so proud of him. Of course he's only going to get better each week.

So today I'm exhausted. Really I am, but its not an option to slow down. Tonight our boys are playing in their first baseball tournament of the season. I also have an ALL NIGHT lock-in scheduled with my basketball team to celebrate our winning season. Then Allie has to be on the field by 8:30 for her first soccer game this season. Not sure how we are going to pull that off on NO sleep, but we will. Before all of that begins Ash has some classes and therapy this morning. Then I'll be off and running collecting the last minute items I have yet to get for the party tonight. I'm super bummed about missing one of Blake's games, but excited to have a night to hang with all my girls.

I suppose I should jump in the shower before Ash's teacher arrives. Or maybe I could just sit through class in my p.j.'s? After all I am trying to recover from all my excitement of watching my kid run hurdles. That's a big deal you know. It really is and in case you missed it in the last couple of posts I AM SO EXCITED. So EXCITED. Guess who's running hurdles this weekend? Yep, its me. Wish me luck.


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