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Full Circle

Had you been a "fly on the wall" or shall I say "a fly at the track" Sunday evening you might have found yourself rolling on the ground overcome by an outburst of laughter that made your sides ache. Let me just say to you that I AM GLAD you were not there. I seriously could have lost many friends that night had they seen me. It wasn't pretty. It was pretty funny, but not pretty.

But...let me just share with you that last Sunday evening a full circle moment in my life was occurring. A HUGE moment. One I have waited for many, many years to occur. Of course I didn't imagine the moment taking place at my current age or more importantly my current weight! Aside from those two factors it was pretty much a perfect moment in my life.

Let me be the first to announce that " MY SON IS A HURDLER!" In case you missed the importance of that last statement let me repeat "MY SON IS A HURDLER!!" Yes, he is. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Why? Are you wondering why? Because I am a hurdler. I mean I WAS a hurdler. So on Sunday I accompanied him to the track to share my "wisdom" and workouts with my son. It was so fun( I mean funny if you happened to be that "fly"). I couldn't contain my joy. The smile on my face. The joy in my heart. It was all so wonderful.

So today, I will follow a big yellow school bus to a neighboring town and watch MY SON THE HURDLER take the track for the very first race in his career(this season will probably sum up his whole career since it coincides with baseball season and you KNOW he's not giving that up for some hurdles). I can't wait. I am so excited. I have butterflies in my stomach.

I have no idea how he will do, but it doesn't even matter. Just knowing that life has a funny little way of coming full circle is enough for me. Just having the opportunity to be in the stands, just like my dad was, filming my kid run the 110's and the 300's has me bursting with excitement. Did I ever share with you that I went to college on a track scholarship? I know, if you saw me now you would once again be picking yourselves up off the track, but I was a sprinter(a really good one) and a hurdler(and I was pretty good at that too).

When Blake was 5 years old he came across some boxes of medals that I was tossing out as Dave and I were cleaning out some closets. He was so excited to find them and just had to have them. He asked his dad, "Where did these come from" to which Dave replied "they were your mommy's".

"DAD, I never even knew she was COOL!"

Yes, Blake, I am cool. So glad you figured it out.

Those medals provided hours and hours of "Olympic" fun for Blake and his baby sister. Until the day Allie threw one at his head and split it open. Yes, he now sports a very lovely scar across the left side of his head. A lasting reminder of just how cool his mom is. He's never forgotten it.

Its going to be a GREAT day.


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