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Happy Birthday Allie B!

Allison Brooke and her BFF, Chelsea

Dear Allie,

In exactly 10 minutes it will be 12 years since Daddy and I first saw your beautiful face. 12 whole years! I look at you this morning and I wonder where did all that time go? You my friend are still just as amazing to look at as you were that very first moment. I knew then that God had blessed us with someone very special and as the years have gone by you have not disappointed. You are special. So incredibly special to us. We love you very, very much and we enjoy being your mom and dad.

Allie, I watch you sleep at night and I wonder who you will grow up to be. I want so very much for you. I still whisper the same prayers over you today as I did the day you were born. I'll never forget standing over you next to your daddy and listening to the words of his heart pour out to our Father. You were so tiny(yes, even at 10.8lbs you were tiny!) and we wanted HIS best for our girl. Your dad began praying that very night that God would protect you, would preserve your innocence and would prepare your heart and the heart of the one He had set aside for you. As you grew, you would giggle each night as Daddy would pray for "the one I get to married". Oh, Al we still pray those things for you.

You my sweet girl are so amazing. So beautiful. So talented. So funny. I couldn't love you more if I tried. You make me smile and laugh just as hard as daddy does. He gave you a gift. The gift of laughter. Its a wonderful thing to go through this life and be able to laugh as much and as hard as you do. That's why I chose this picture. When I look at it I realize how very blessed we are to have you and your personality in this family. Your silly smile, silly laugh, and silly friendship with Chelsea is a gift. God has blessed you so very much.

Allie B. , your mom loves you. More than you will ever know. I love that you are one of my daughters. I love that when I see you across a room my heart leaps. I love that I'm the one you share all your secrets with. I love that the biggest flaw your friends can find in you is that "you tell your mom too much". I hope that NEVER changes. I love that I can lay on your bed next to you and laugh at the same things. I love how much you adore your daddy. I love how much you love Blake. I love the way you love your baby sister. The one you prayed your whole life for. I know she didn't come in the package you dreamed of, but that you still love her deeply enough to want that "package" for her. I love how you still "play soccer" with her even though her little legs can't kick the ball back to you. I love the way she hugs your neck so tightly. Do you know that she doesn't hug anyone as tightly as she does you? She knows there is something special about the way her big sister loves her. She feels it, Al. Do you?

I hope your day is full of special blessings. Blessing that take your breath away. I pray your day is wonderful and that nothing around you at school can steal your joy or wipe that beautiful smile off of your face. I look forward to picking you up today just so I can see the joy on your face. I love you sweet girl. Happy birthday. You deserve so much more than anything I give you today. You deserve the Father's best. NOTHING in this world can top what He has already given and the love HE feels for you.

You make us proud Allison Brooke. Keep laughing. Keep smiling. Keep being who you are.

Love, Mom


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