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"We've got GREAT kids"

I spoke with Dave just a few minutes ago and he announced to me, "We've got GREAT kids!"

"ummm....yeah, we do. What makes you say that this morning?" That's what I was wondering.

Its snowing this morning. Yes, snowing. In TEXAS! Can you imagine the joy that welled up inside of my Allison as she looked out the window? She's bubbling over with it. Anyway, the kids went outside to get in the car for school as Dave finished up a few things in the house. As we passed by the window we could see the arsenal of snow balls they had assembled and waiting for their dad. They were freezing standing there with no coats on(because you know we live in Texas and why waste money on coats when a nice hoody from American Eagle will get you through the winter? ). So Dave being the wise parent decides to go out the front door, assemble a few snow balls himself and surprise attack them from the driveway. So goes the morning.

When he called to make his announcement he shared that he had asked the kids why they were throwing all their snowballs at this feet? Seemed a little odd to him(I can assure you HE wasn't aiming for their feet). Their answer? "We didn't want to get your clothes all wet before you went to the office." Get it? GREAT kids!

Then he went on to share with me the happiness in Allison's heart over this dusting of snow and how she just KNEW she was going to have a great day. That made my heart smile. Outside of her parents I would imagine the only one who truly understands the joy in her heart over this "snow storm" would be her heavenly Father and for that I am thankful.

He blesses us every single day in lots and lots of ways. Today He just happened to bless a soon to be 12 year old girl in Texas with snow. I'm smiling about that. Have a great day!


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