Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


"Who's the boss around here...


She thinks she is. At least that's the way it is supposed to be(according to her). So just who are all of these "bossy" people in her face this week? She's not very happy about any of it or any of them.

Ash's schedule is back to normal this week. She's not happy. Not one little bit. Everyday...teachers...therapists...hard work...WHAT IS GOING ON? She just wants everyone to leave and everyone to leave her alone.

I think its going to take a little time for her to get back on track and actually enjoy some of her weekly activities. After all being sick does have a few advantages. You know the whole sleeping in, lying around, doing nothing, watching movies, and having your family surround you to make sure you had what you needed or wanted whenever you needed it or wanted it.

I just so thankful that she's bouncing back. She looks good. Has started feeling better. Other than a minor cough and some "snotty" issues I think we have avoided a catastrophe.

So wish us luck( or maybe her therapists luck) on getting back into the swing of the things this week. So far its been a little rough and she's got at least 3 more days to go until she's off for the weekend.


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