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Is it Naptime Yet?

Its 8am and I'm ready for a nap. Last night was the LONGEST night I've had in many, many months. I almost forgot what it felt like to sit up and watch her be sick through the night. Guess I needed a refresher course.

After jumping up and running down the hall, in the dark, a dozen times in the first 45 minutes I decided we might be better off bringing Ashley Kate into our room. Problem being...she's NOT LITTLE anymore. Her legs are LONG and STRONG! She managed to kick and push and take control of the entire bed the entire night. I started with a few inches of the mattress and ended up in the chair, then the floor, then once she finally fell out about 6am I tiptoed into Allie's room, climbed in her bed and snuggled in for about 30 minutes. Then Dave's alarm went off and he came to find me so I could sit with Ash while he got in the shower.

It was a long night. Every cough, every whimper, every gurgle of her tummy had me jumping. I can't sleep when she's sick. I'm so afraid of her vomiting in her sleep and then aspirating that I can't rest. She's been there before and its not fun. One of the most frightening times of her life.

So today I'm hoping for normal. The kids are out of school. I've had to cancel Ash's therapy. I just hope for her to begin feeling better and start acting like herself again. I'm not afraid to admit how scared I become when she's not feeling well. I don't want to feel that way today. Yesterday was long enough for me. I just want her to feel better and for me to feel like nothings wrong.

I'm hanging on till nap time hits the house and then I'm going to make a palet next to Ash and join her for as long as her little body feels like sleeping.


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