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Sleeping Beauty

Its 9:30 and our baby is sleeping. She LOVES Wednesdays. Its her slow day, and today its her "no" day. No classes, no therapies, no schedule, no anything that must draw her out of her crib. So my little beauty happens to be a sleeping beauty this morning. Still snuggled warm underneath the quilts, little hands tucked underneath her cheek, and long legs all drawn up to her chest. She's so beautiful. So incredibly beautiful. I love to stare into her face as she sleeps. Those long lashes, rosy cheeks, pink lips. I could eat her up she looks so very sweet.

In store for today are loads and loads of laundry, and an attempt to gain control of her ever cluttering closet. For some reason I just cannot keep the boxes of supplies organized. I feel like I'm reorganizing that silly closet every month. So this morning while she rests I'm going to sneak into that closet and work just as long as I can. I've got boxes of supplies piled up in the dining room just waiting for me to make a space for them along with the countless others in her closet. Following my chores for the day I'll be coaching practice at the gym for a couple of hours this afternoon and then figuring out what I want to feed Blake and all his friends before church tonight. Nothing has come to mind so far. Hopefully for their sakes something will come to me.

I suppose its time to get started. Although I'd much rather sit her snuggled up under this blanket for the remainder of the morning! Just wanted say good morning. Have a blessed day.


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