Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Waiting for Santa...

...from inside our house this year!

Tomorrow afternoon Blake, Allison and Ashley will go see Santa together for the first time in her life(outside a hospital room). I'm so excited! Not sure how much she's going to like the big guy, but no matter what it looks like I can assure you I'll buy that silly photograph just so I can say "we did it, she got to see Santa, and here is the proof". The big kids have agreed with smiles on their faces(and on their hearts too I imagine) to go along, sit next to him, and hold their baby sister if need be so that we can all experience Santa with Ash. She has no idea or concept who he is and thats ok with me. I'd rather her understand Jesus anyway, and its my hope that some how, in some way, some day she might.

Its 5 am and for some reason Ash has yet to fall asleep. So she and I are awake, planning all that we would like to accomplish, and hoping to at least get a couple of hours of sleep some time today.

Hope the holidays are in full swing at your house. Enjoy your day! Trish


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