Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Three down...

Only 9 more to go!

Ashley's schedule is insane! She's growing, learning, getting stronger and stronger so I KNOW its worth it, but there are days when I wonder if we can keep this pace up or not. Yesterday, we got three sessions out of the way, today we only have two, tomorrow? I'm not sure I'd have to look at our calendar, but by Friday there will only be one left and then we can relax over the weekend.

Add to all of that 6 basketball games this week(which I am so blessed to be able to watch all of them! I didn't think I would get too, but some cancellations on one schedule made it possible =), 4 practices, and hitting lessons and it makes for a very tired mom/taxi driver/ fan/ coach.

I really, really want to take some time to post pictures of Ash in her chair, in her braces, in her Christmas outfits, etc, etc. I'm hoping by tomorrow evening I might get to do some of that. She looks amazing. Her hair is so long and pretty. Her eyes are twinkly. Cheeks are rosy. I just love her so much and can't wait to share her with you guys.

By the way my girls team both won last night and all but two girls on each team scored baskets. I love that! They are working so hard and its paying off. We are having a great time in the gym and I'm feeling so blessed to be home this year. So blessed!

Its time for Ashley's home bound classes to begin, so I'll catch up with you all later. Have a blessed day.


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