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The "store" know the one...

that we all HATE to go into...but seem to ALWAYS find ourselves in? Yeah, that one, is calling my name.

The fridge is empty, I mean really empty(I cooked the last few eggs for dinner last night not by choice but cause thats all that was in there), the cabinets are too, and the kids are tired of eating out. I know I'm going to have to go to Walmart sometime today, I just don't want too. Really, I don't.

Ash has one more therapy session this morning(her third hour for today), then I've got to take lunch to Al at the school, coach PE, and then basketball practice until 5, get Blake from his practice at 5:30 and over to hitting practice by 6:30, bring them all back home, pick up something for dinner(like fast food again because they will all be STARVING by this time and not willing to wait till I make it back with groceries) and then I might stumble into Walmart to shop so that I can refill the empty fridge and cabinets.

Even though I know I'll be tired by the time I get there I'm trying to stay focused on all the blessings in my life. Things like being home to shop for my family, having a nice warm car to drive to the store in, having funds in the bank to purchase groceries with, having a beautiful home with cabinets to fill, and having a family who will be singing my praises as I pull into the drive with bags of their favorite foods.

Yeah, I think its going to be a good day. Who wouldn't want to go to Walmart when the ones you are going for are Dave, Blake, Al, and Ash? I must have been crazy for dreading it all morning long.


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