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Wish Us Luck

In just a little over two hours Allie and I will be taking the court together for the first time. I'm nervous, so proud and a little too excited. I returned to the court and took on the role of middle school basketball coach for one reason and one reason only. Allison Brooke. She needed it. She deserved it. She's so worth it. All the "headaches" of coaching, the long hours in the gym, the added here and there to our schedules have been worth it. Even if we never win a game or if she never scores a point its going to be amazing to be the one who looks down the bench and says, "Allie, go in for________."

She's not the strongest player on the team. I think thats pretty obvious when its made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders(she's only in the 6th grade), but she's a strong part of this team. I'm so proud of her athleticism, her work ethic, her talent, and her drive to be the best. So proud of how she takes my instruction, how she listens to the older girls out there who are mentoring her, and how her face shines when she gets a rebound, makes a steal, or scores 2 points.

After years of having to be away from her, of missing her "this or that" due to a long hospital stay, and having to watch her swallow her disappointment in an effort to love Ash more than herself, today will be one we won't soon forget.

Win or lose I'm making memories with my daughter, helping some incredible young ladies learn how to play a little stronger, and teaching them all how to stick with something even when it gets really, really hard (like running 3 or 4 sets of lines at the end of a 2 hour practice). I'm honored to be their coach and as proud as I'm feeling two hours before the whistle even blows I can't imagine how proud I'll be of them once the game actually starts.

Its a pretty blessed life I'm living.


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