Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


From One End to the Other

Ash works every single day in between these parallel bars. Its such hard work. It takes her a while to get where she's going, but she's getting there. From week to week you can see the huge amounts of progress her tiny steps are making. She can now walk from one end to the other. Yesterday she walked down, turned around on her own, and went back the other way. We were stunned!

Some days she "curses" the whole way and other days she just does what she needs to do. We usually put a toy or book that she wants to play with at the other end. I can't believe she has learned to take steps. I'm still in awe of every little step her tiny feet take.

My biggest dream for her at this point in her life is that she might learn to stand up independently on her own. The day that she is able to stand on her own two feet without holding on to anything is going to be a day to celebrate. To be honest, we are already celebrating with each step she takes.

She is so close. So close. She won't be in a chair forever. She just won't. =)


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