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So much is going on this week. It never hurts to just stop and record it for a moment. Someday, my kids will all be grown and I'll be sitting around just wondering what to do with myself(not looking forward to that day). Because I know that day is coming far too soon, I'm doing my best to enjoy the craziness of life each day.

So the craziest news of this week? Obviously the whole lose my own wallet thing in the not smartest way of driving off with it on top of the car and then trying to figure out just what direction the thief who found it first is headed with all that info. This is a CRAZY time we live in. Thanks for all the helpful advice. Sunshine, that list is awesome and I'll be starting at the top of it first thing this morning. Thank you.

We are now grandparents. WHAT? is that what I heard you just say? Well, its true. Blake is now the proud parent of not one, but yes two little eggs. Twins no less. A boy and a girl. I will be the hired babysitter at the rate of 50cents per hour(all rules set by the instructor for the assignment) over the weekend while he plays in a baseball tournament. I think I'm going to love this little assignment! The guys are having great fun with the whole thing. His little eggs sure lucked out getting Blake for a dad and then Dave for a grand dad. What a blessing for those little things. I'll try and post pics of them all soon.

Tonight is Blake's last football game of the season. Should be fun. They get to wear the GOLD pants and in case you didn't know this, THATS A REALLY BIG DEAL. The guys are super excited about it.

Basketball tryouts begin next week. We are all pumped about that!

Basketball practice has been in full swing for Allie and myself for three weeks now. Lets just say that I'm old, out of shape, and over weight. Other than that we are having a blast doing this together and that was my goal. Forget the fact that by the end of each week I can barely walk. Only one more week of 4 day practices. Thats my mantra. One more week. Then we slow things down to 2 a week. Our first scrimmage is a week from Monday. It should be a good eye opener for my girls and give me a great picture of what we still need to work on. I love this sport!

Only one more week of soccer for this season. Allie was in tears last night when I told her if she doesn't start feeling better she may not play. Her heart was broken! She begged and pleaded with me all night. I hope she starts getting better soon. She's been out of school since about noon on Monday. She's not going back at all this week. Today she has to miss out on school pictures and the fall relays. Again, she's been crying all night. Life is not fair and trying to help her understand that slowing down and catching up on her rest is the biggest part of healing has been hard. She just wants to go back.

Ashley Kate is making huge strides daily. Her signs, her mobility, her caloric intake, her everything. Tonight she walked, full weight bearing, between her parallel bars for two feet ON HER OWN. Dave and I are in AWE of this child. Such hard work. She is amazing. TWO FEET of independent steps. TWO WHOLE FEET ALL BY HERSELF! "Its not if, its when" is all her dad can say about her learning to walk. He firmly believes 2010 is going to be the year. I'm starting to believe him. I so wish you guys could experience what it feels like to finally be in this place with her. We couldn't have been more proud. I'm hoping to get some video of it posted soon so you can see just how amazing it is. She is moving all over our house. Its not conventional but it gets her where she wants to go. She knows how to disconnect her feeding tube when she gets it pulled as far as it will reach and then she just takes off without it. Leaving behind her a puddle of formula and a mess for me to clean up. The places we find her! In her closet, under the pool table, down the hall, in my room under the bed looking for caterpillars(she cracks me up when I find her and ask what she's doing. The things she signs back to me are so funny!), Allies bathroom asking for me to put her in the bathtub, etc. She is a busy girl. Her favorite thing is shut the doors behind her and then start knocking until I come and find her. Usually a rescue attempt is in order because she is sitting right up next to the door and getting her to understand how to scoot back enough for me to open it up has not been easy. Still I laugh and laugh at her as I try to get in and she impatiently knocks louder and louder on the door. Once inside she signs, "hello" as if she hasn't seen me in ages. Oh, this child! I love her so very much!

Friday morning Ashley Kate will have lab work done. Did I ever mention that we finally made it back to just having monthly labs instead of weekly? It took a whole year, but we got there. This will be her first set in a month and so I'm a little nervous about the results. Especially since she's been sick. After labs we will pick up her braces, and after that she'll go riding. Saturday, Blake has a local tournament and Allie still hopes to play in her soccer game. After the games we plan on starting on the batting cage(we've only been here for 4months now. Blake REALLY wants it back up). That will be more than an all day job. It will probably take a couple of weekends at least. I'm looking forward to the weekend so life can slow down a bit around here. Sounds real relaxing doesn't it?

Well, its now 2:30 in the morning and I'm going to attempt to go back to bed. I'm not feeling that great lately and sleep is hard to come by. I think Ash may have school (for the first time since the household became sick two weeks ago) around 8:30 this morning. That doorbell is going to ring way too early if I can't manage to get some sleep. Overall I think Ash is getting over the worst of it, Allie is still struggling(she's lost 8lbs over the last two weeks! No appetite and that has left her with no energy), and Blake is doing the "I have no fever dance" all over the house insisting that since he doesn't he can still go, go, go. I'm trying really hard to not be sick, but the headache is enough to make me want to stay in bed.

You just never know whats going to happen inside the walls of our house. Life is an adventure and I'm so grateful to be on it with my crazy husband and awesome kids. From egg babies, to lost wallets, to our baby taking her first steps. Its a crazy life, but I LOVE it.


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