Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Tell me it Ain't so!

Ok, I'm in complete shock. I just looked into Ashley Kate's mouth(long story not worth repeating) and I thought I saw a tooth growing in behind the row of tiny baby teeth on the bottom. "no way" I thought. I did a double take and sure enough her permanent tooth has already grown in behind the row it is supposed to be on! So I get a little concerned and decide to feel her front row of teeth and sure enough one of them is loose. VERY loose! What in the world is going on? This child is only 4years old. I was not prepared to start dealing with her permanent teeth until she was at least 6 or so. I'm going to go ahead and confess to you that I have been secretly hoping in my heart of hearts that her new teeth, her permanent teeth, the grown up teeth would some how be normal, or perfect(at least pretty close to it). Those thoughts have been hiding deep down inside of me and I've never really said that out loud to anyone, but I just thought that perhaps something would go right for her and why not let it be her permanent teeth. You see, her baby teeth are trashed. Just trashed. From all the months of chronic vomiting, toxic medications, and such, they have been destroyed. It looks as though they are full of cavities and decay, but that is not the case. They have been eroded by the strong acids in her stomach content that constantly came up month after month after month. So I had kind of given up on them and consoled myself with the idea that they were only temporary and that we had a chance with her permanent ones once they came in. So NOW WHAT? What am I going to do. I don't want her to accidentally swallow this loose tooth, but I also don't want to traumatize her by pulling the loose one out. I can't even believe I'm having to decide this at 4 years old. Do kids even begin loosing teeth at the age of 4 or is it just my kid? How in the world are we going to get that permanent tooth pulled up into the correct position? I just really, really hoped she would get blessed with a good second set of teeth. My heart is so sad and I'm really confused as to what in the world is going on in that mouth of hers. Ugh!


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