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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



I LOVE this picture taken of our Allie this past weekend. It sums up everything I've always known and admired about my daughter in one big word: FEARLESS. That's my Allie. She's not backing down for anything. She'll take a hit and keep right on going. She'll use whatever means she has to come out on top of the situation and at this moment she wanted that ball and used her body to make sure it was going to be hers. Man, I wish I was more like my daughter! She's not afraid of ANYTHING!

As you might have guess from this picture its STILL raining here in Texas. I've lost count of the days, but let me just share that so far our ENTIRE baseball season has been cancelled because of rain. Baseball players don't play in the rain or on wet fields, but soccer players? Just take a look at what Allie looked like after the first game of three last Saturday:

Trust me when I say she only got dirtier as the day went on. The field was a swamp! I don't know how the girls continued to play as hard as they did carrying an extra 10 lbs of very heavy mud on their bodies. I'm so proud of how well she did this weekend. She was amazing as always. Simply amazing.

I watched her take hit after hit, tumble and roll across the muddy field, a fist to the face and a ball to her gut and still she kept getting up and kept on playing. With tears rolling down her cheeks she never, ever stepped off the field. She played every single minute of all 5 games. We love watching her play. She gets better and better each week and loves it more and more all the time.

The weather conditions were far from ideal, but we still managed to have an enjoyable weekend together. Blake stayed in the RV with Ashley Kate and that allowed Dave and I to brave the weather and watch Allie do her thing. It was such a blessing. I love the way the two of them(Blake and Allie) take such good care of Ashley Kate. They are so comfortable with her and her needs and they really enjoy spending time with her.

So I bet you can't guess what the weather is like here today? I'll give you a hint. Baseball practice has been cancelled. Again. Go figure. I'm so looking forward to basketball season. The only time a game gets cancelled is if a tornado threatens to tear the roof off the gym. Practice starts next Monday and it will be the first time Allie and I have played together. I'll be coaching and she'll be playing. I'm super excited about it.


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