Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Can you say Tow-Mater?

Ashley Kate is having a fit this morning. She is very out of sorts because she has school today and her teacher will be arriving any minute. Ordinarily, before the whole "Cars" infatuation began last week she would be fine with it, but today she's not. She woke up signing for "Cars" this morning. I just politely ignored her and talked about how beautiful the weather is and that we were going to have a great day, but she kept insisting that I acknowledge her request for "Cars". So finally I said, " Not today baby, you have school and then we can watch it." To which she very boldly signed, "Tooth brush, Car" and followed those signs with constant pointing toward the TV. So, in Ashley's world of speech which just happens to be her hands, "tooth brush and car" means Tow-mater (Tow-mater is the tow truck in the movie and he happens to have very large buck teeth).

She's brilliant! Honestly she is. Her mind works in amazing ways. She makes me smile so much and I can't stop laughing at her way of asking to watch Tow-mater this morning. What a joy she is!


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