Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



This is where I left her this morning while I ran to the kitchen to fill a new feeding bag.

When I came back into her nursery this is where I found her.

All the way across the room, playing on the window sill, behind the rocking chair that was behind her in the first photograph. I called her name after snapping this photo and she turned, waved, and then smiled at me as if to say, "Yeah, that's right, I got here all by myself."

Praise God!

Sunday she ate 170 calories by mouth. Yesterday she had another 90.

Praise God!

Last week she said the word "Up". Said it not signed it. In front of her teacher and her speech therapist. Two days ago I thought I heard her say "Bubble", but dismissed it as wishful thinking. Again, last night Dave and I thought we heard it, but still weren't sure. This morning in class the teacher pulled out a bottle of bubbles and we both heard her say, "Bu bble". Two distinct syllables. I asked, "did she really just say that?" "YES!!, SHE SAID IT. THIS GIRL JUST SAID BUBBLE!" was the answer I was given.

No explanation other than this,

Praise God!

Things are coming slow, but steadily coming. Every day something new is happening in Ashley's world. I can't say for sure that she will ever "live" completely in ours, but her world is expanding and all I can say is "Praise God! Praise Him for this miracle child. This child that I am privileged to call my daughter.

Just this summer we have now heard her say four words. Just a whisper on my shoulder the word "mama". An announcement each time he enters the room "Bubba". Laying on the rug while her teacher, her therapist, and myself were talking, she sat herself up and said "Up" with a very audible and distinct "p" sound. Then yesterday and today the word "Bubble".

Praise God, she's moving, she's eating, and she's speaking. Nothing consistent, but enough to give us all such hope. She's amazing. She just is.


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