Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Its coming... really is. I mean, at some point I will have to slow down long enough to type some kind of coherent posting on this blog. Instead of taking the time to do that right now, I thought I'd just check in and say "Hi" to let you all know that Ash is well and we are fine.

She is currently resting in her crib after finishing up with her 3rd hour of therapy today. That's right, 3 HOURS today! She is amazing. Honestly she is, but very worn out. While she is resting in this 45 minute period before we start running after the kids, I have lit a delicious pumpkin pie Yankee and put on a relaxing instrumental CD and I'm now sitting here trying to catch my breath before the evening run has to begin. I'd do an official post now except that my brain is fried and I can't seem to write a complete sentence. So, I'll put it off yet again.

Just thought I'd say hi and confess to you all that I have surrounded myself with all things fall like inside our home(explanation of the pumpkin pie Yankee. I can't wait for the Christmas Cookie to come out) even though the weather outside is like still around 100 degrees(not really but too close to care). The mums have arrived in the stores, but I have fought the urge to buy and plant until the weather proves to me that it actually is moving toward fall. No need to waste my money and burn them all up. In lieu of planting my fall gardens I have settled for yummy candles, indoor decor, and soothing music to put that smile on my face that always arrives around the fall and doesn't leave until the Holidays are over. Its my favorite time of year and I can't keep from smiling even though the schedule is grueling for us at this time.

Hope your all well. Pictures of Ash standing to come and lots of details about her progress over the last few weeks in therapy. Can't wait to find the time to share. Take care guys. Trish


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