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More Rain?

Honestly, I like a good rain. EVERY NOW AND THEN...but for the 8th day IN A ROW? Its getting a little discouraging around here. Just a little. If it didn't have a way of wiping out all baseball tournaments in every vicinity around us for the last two weeks I might like it a little more, but we are going through withdraws in this house.

To top off the discouraging feeling we are trying to fight off this morning its lab day for Ash. That makes me crazy. It really and truly does. To know that for the rest of her entire life she will have to be put through it makes me crazy. I hate that she has to be stuck. HATE IT. I'm trying to concentrate on the knowledge that she's here and that its necessary because of the very transplant that kept her here. We are rapidly approaching the three year anniversary. Can you even believe that?

After her lab draws this morning we are headed out, in the rain, to watch her ride for the first time in almost a year(the arena is completely covered. Its a beautiful facility!). I wonder if she'll remember how much she hated it? She's done an awful lot of growing up this year so she might surprise us and like it. Maybe? I'll be sure and share some pics and maybe even some video later on today.

Ash has been battling a fever since Tuesday evening. Not really feeling her best so we have taken it easy the last two days. I cancelled all her classes and therapies to give her a chance to rest. The up side of her being well and stable is that we get to bring in the teachers and therapists to work with her. She is learning and doing so well. Getting stronger and stronger. The down side is that her system is still weak. It is still suppressed and she is very susceptable to getting sick from all the hands that are on her. Everyone washes up, uses sanitizer, and trys to be careful with her, but the reality is she's going to get sick. Its what happens with transplant kids. This morning she seems to be fever free. She's pretty sleepy and suspicious about being loaded up in the car this early, but looks to be feeling better. Her labs will tell us a whole lot more.

So the rain can stay I guess. We play soccer in the rain(Allies team won 6-0 last weekend and play again tomorrow). Play football too(Blakes team won 16-0 last night. It was really fun). Baseball? Not happening. Since the tournaments are cancelled it doesn't really matter if it dries up this weekend. We'll just take our umbrellas to the soccer field and enjoy watching Al do her thing. Hope your weekends are blessed. Take care. Trish


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