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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


A new day

Ashley Kate slept for 14 hours. 14 hours! She woke this morning with a sparkle in her eye, an ornery streak, and a smile. I don't know if that means things are going to be better, if whatever it was is over, or if its jut a fluke, but I do know that I really appreciate your prayers for our gherkin. I hesitated to post about her not being well all week. You know that whole put it out there thing that haunts me? Anyway, she just wasn't improving and so I did and I knew you would pray and this morning she seems to be a different kid. So, thank you. Thank you for still being around, for continuing to check on her, and for your faithfulness in praying for her. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have this opportunity to share her with all of you. I really don't.

Dave and Allie have already left for church, Blake is on his way back from a youth retreat this morning, and Ash and I are confined to the house. Yep, its that season again and thats what she and I do. I try to keep her home, away from the "public" and all the germs as much as possible. She does get out to ride in the car with me as I shuffle the kids around each day, but other than that she is pretty much at home. Dave pushed her around the outside of the soccer fields yesterday during Allie's game just so she could enjoy the sunshine, but other than that she's been in the house for the whole week because of the rain. Just hanging out and feeling icky.

After church and after Blake arrives home we plan on doing some work at the office this afternoon and then I think I'll get a head start on the laundry for the week. I need to lay out the kids schedule for the week so I can figure out which direction I'm heading and how I'm going to shuffle Ash with all their activities. Then I'm going to sit and enjoy whats left of Dave's day off before he heads back into a busy week. Thats my plan, and I plan on sticking to it!

I thought I'd leave you with a few pics of Ash riding Friday morning. She wasn't quite herself and was feeling pretty yucky, but she perked up once she got settled on the horse and we were all so surprised at how well she did. She seemed to enjoy it and we hope it becomes one of her favorite activities. The benefits of riding therapy could really bring about some changes in her development and we are so hopeful to get a full season in for her this year. Enjoy!

This first picture I included just so you could see how big the animal is compared to Ashley Kate. I know she's tiny, but when I see her on top of the horse she looks REALLY tiny to me. Her horse is actually a pretty small one, very calm, with a pretty soothing gait. Each of the horse has a different personality and the trainers match the horses personality with the needs and goals of each rider. Its really amazing how it all works.

This next picture shows you the whole team during the session. There is a therapist, a volunteer, a trainer, and a rider. Our volunteer in on the left side, our therapist on the right, and the horse trainer in front. Its really very safe. Trust me, I was SO nervous about the whole experience until they assured me she was safe. Once I watched a session I was convinced.

This picture made me laugh. Ashley is asking them to please make the horse go. She wasn't ready to stop. You can see she's not feeling that well, but she was enjoying the therapy as long as the horse was moving. When the horse was instructed to stop, she would sign "please" over and over again trying to convince everyone she wanted to go. The starting and stopping of the horse is an important part of her therapy. She has to adjust her balance each time the gait stops and then again when it starts. Ash did so well. Last year this was very, very difficult for her, but this year she was a pro. Just showed us another step in the right direction for her. She is making HUGE progress. I know it sounds like no big deal, but it really is a big deal. We were very proud of her.

The end. The session was over. She was sad which we took as a positive sign. Our hope is that when we return each week she will continue to enjoy it. If you are interested in seeing the facility or in learning more about the therapy you can go here:

We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to let Ash experience this form of therapy. We have high hopes that it will do big things for her.


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