Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Its here

Unfortunately, its finally here. I had so hoped it would stay away from our house for Ashley's sake, but it has not. Allison woke up with fever this morning and a deep cough and sore throat. Something is going around at her school. Obviously, she will be staying home today and staying away from Ashley Kate. I feel so bad for her. She is miserable in there in her bed and knowing she can't go near Ashley just makes her cry.

The kids have been well so far this year and we have been so blessed. Any type of illness this time of year can set Ash back for weeks and possibly months. The plan has been to keep her away from as many people as possible. Its been working. The older kid's schools are our biggest threat. Just the amount of students they come in contact with each day makes it dangerous for Ash.

Ash will be kept away from Allie for as long as it takes and now that she is on the move and now that Allie's bedroom door is very appealing to her its going to be even more sad. She loves to sneak in there and see what she can get into. Allie's already crying knowing she can't hold Ash. No playing with her, going into her nursery, or goodnight kisses either. She's in "contact isolation" so to speak.

Please keep Ash and Allie in your prayers. She's been well for so long and we were so hoping to avoid any threat of illness. We have to be as careful as we possibly can with her right now.

Hope your homes are avoiding illness this time of year. Take care. Trish


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