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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


You know...

...since its raining, and dreary, and cool and there is no ball practice tonight I was kind of thinking about putting on a big pot of Taco Soup, and then for dessert Dave and Blake's famous pumpkin seeds. Not that I would eat any of them(since I don't really care for pumpkin seeds), but they sure make the house smell yummy on a wet, cool, fall like evening. You know...since we can't play ball or anything. Then I think Allie and I may start on a new puzzle for the season while we listen to none other than my favorite Christmas carols(she's begging to start the decorating tonight, but I'm telling her the rest of the world already thinks were crazy for starting on the first). Blake's spending the evening working on a history project and Ashley is looking forward to her daddy coming home so she can snuggle.

You know...home is my absolute favorite place to be.


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